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June 9, 2016
Test 4
February 14, 2017

Test 4

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Ebuilders wanted to develop a web-based application, to track internal project costs and revenues. At the time, internal resources were not available to develop this application. Based on a project description provided by ebuilders, Ciklum Peak Resources managed to find suitable candidates within a period of a week. After screening their profiles, remote interviews were conducted through VOIP and a candidate was selected by ebuilders. Subsequenlty, the candidate we selected proposed a project planning and a fixed budget, which was approved by ebuilders.The candidate then succeeded in developing the application within the project period and budget and provided additional support to implement Change Requests, after the initial delivery. During the project period, HR manager Maria has constantly monitored the project progress, kept ebuilders informed at all times and provided instant support when requested.

The temporary “peak-resouce” solution offered by Ausra’s team has proven its effectiveness to ebuilders and we will surely return, when the need arises.