How to find projects for IT freelancers

IT developers often hesitate to make a step towards IT freelancing or independent IT consultancy due to the main challenge – finding customers and have secure pipeline of interesting projects to avoid gaps in steady income flow.

We are convinced that IT developers should be the least worried about finding a job in today’s world where the demand of quality IT developers is much higher than the supply.

But if you’ve just stepped out of your comfort zone of steady but maybe boring, demanding, less comfortable and less paid job into IT freelancers world, here are few main ways to ensure supply of projects:

  • Create professional LinkedIn profile
    • Make it clear what kind of developer you are (main IT skill) and what kind of job/projects you are looking for.
    • It’s still the main tool for HR agencies, IT consultancy companies and direct employers to find candidates for IT jobs.
  • Participate in various interest groups related to your IT skills on social media.
    • Those groups usually allow companies to post job/contract work proposals if they are related to the group member’s interests
  • Register in global platforms for IT freelancers
    • You will get a lot of job proposal from faceless companies.
    • Good way to start freelancing also in parallel to your current full time job if you don’t want to switch fully
    • Unfortunately, there you will be in competition with the whole world so the price is primary decision factor for companies if you don’t have history and references from successful projects
    • You will be charged part of your income by the platform
  • Send your CV or register at the local IT contractor service providers (IT SKILL HOUSE is such for Baltic countries)
    • These companies will not charge you anything for finding job for you. They charge customer.
    • Their job is to communicate in professional way with both sides to ensure perfect match between you and the customer.
    • You always know end customer and project before you commit to anything
    • Such providers are in your country and they will always prioritize local developers over developers from abroad. So the competition and prices are at the local market level to make you fully happy.
  • And last but not least – never forget your own network. Sometimes just mentioning that you are opened for IT contracting job is enough to get started 😉